A Healthier & Happy Christmas from TLC

Monday, 21 September 2020

For those readers who just need a break or just don't feel like cooking this Christmas, then Tender Loving Cuisine may be your solution.

This service offers fresh, deliciously prepared dinners cooked by their chefs and home delivered right to your door.

Most of their dinners are Heart Foundation Tick Approved, Gluten Free, and are suitable for people with Diabetes, so they are a healthier choice.

Suggested selections for this Christmas are:
*** Festive Beef with BĂ©arnaise Sauce
*** Pack of 6 Christmas Mince Tarts
*** Roast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce
*** Roast Pork with Apple Sauce
*** Lamb Steaks and Rosemary
*** Ham Steak and Pineapple
*** Roast Beef with Rich Brown Gravy
*** Roast Chicken (skinless & boneless)
*** Homestyle Rissoles with Onion Gravy

An order for 1 of each dinner would cost $91.30, however, various combinations can be chosen. Seniors Card holders would be entitled to a discount.
Testimonial: After paying $120.00 per head last year for a Christmas turkey dinner which was dry and disappointing, I invited the family over to my place for a Tender Loving Cuisine Roast Turkey dinner. It was unanimous that the TLC turkey dinner was the best they had since my wife passed away. Congratulations to the chef and TLC for such high quality meals. Mr Grahame Lance, Bilgola Plateau.

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