A Wealth of Love in Food

Monday, 21 September 2020

FOR Kevin Tallentire, it's all about the quality of service.The retired 62-year-old, of Canterbury, helps with Tender Loving Cuisine, an organisation that delivers cooked meals to the elderly, and Kevin has been instrumental in ensuring the food is of a high standard.

"It is very important for all of us involved in quality control," he said. "We randomly select meals, heat them up, look at them, taste them and give feedback."

When not improving food quality, Kevin enjoys talking to the 25 elderly clients he calls every week to make sure they get their meals.

"I enjoy it very much, because over the years of calling them, you get to know them quite well," he said. "Some of the old folk have a great sense of humour."

"It's a good karma thing, I guess. I just hope that someone will help me when I need it."

Details: 1800 801 200.


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