Chicken Schnitzel

Tasty crumbed chicken served with seasonal baked vegetables and gravy.
SKU: 49
Tasty crumbed chicken served with seasonal baked vegetables and gravy.
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Size (g)390
Gluten FreeNO
Texture SoftNO
Energy Per 100 Grams465
Energy Per Serving1,814
Protein Per 100 Grams8.7
Protein Per Serving33.9
Fat Per 100 Grams3.2
Fat Per Serving12.5
Saturated Fat Per 100 Grams0.8
Saturated Fat Per Serving3.1
Carbohydrates per 100 Grams11.3
Carbohydrates Per Serving44.1
Sugar Per 100 Grams1.9
Sugar Per Serving7.4
Fibre Per 100 Grams1.4
Fibre Per Serving5.5
Sodium Per 100 Grams385
Sodium Per Serving1,502
Potassium Per 100 Grams324
Potassium Per Serving1,264
Heart FriendlyNO
Diabetes FriendlyNO
Dairy FreeNO
Low SaltNO
Specialty DinnerNO
Minced MoistNO
Saver MenuNo
Texture PureedNO
Phosphorus Per Serving507
Phosphorus Per 100 Grams130
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