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The TLC range of meals include over 45 meals which have been analysed to meet the nutrient criteria for Diabetes friendly meals.

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What is diabetes and how can diabetic meals assist in managing diabetes?

For people with diabetes, blood glucose levels are higher than normal due to two reasons; the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body cannot utilise the insulin properly. Our bodies need insulin to turn the food we eat into energy. There are three main types of diabetes; Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes, although other forms of diabetes do exist.

To further explain:

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease that occurs when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin because the cells that make the insulin have been destroyed by the body's own immune system.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes; it represents approximately 90% of people with diabetes in Australia. With Type 2 Diabetes, the pancreas makes insulin, but it does not work as well as it should and upsets the balance of glucose in the body.

Gestational Diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs in around 5% of pregnancies, and is diagnosed when higher than normal blood glucose levels appear for the first time, during pregnancy.

Diabetic meals are designed to provided balanced nutrition, more suited to those with diabetes. It is important to recognise that everyone’s needs with diabetes can be different so consultation with one’s doctor is critical.

Are you at risk of diabetes?

In Australia, nearly two thirds of men and half of all women are overweight or obese. This is a key factor in the alarming rise of type 2 diabetes. Yet up to 60 per cent of diabetes cases could be prevented, or at least delayed, by people maintaining a healthy weight.

About TLC’s diabetic meals (diabetes friendly)

TLC’s diabetic meals are formulated to provider healthier home delivered meals for Seniors managing diabetes. While our meals are suitable for anyone looking for convenience and nutrition, our selection of diabetic meals (which we call ‘diabetes friendly meals’) assist with providing variety and convenience to those managing diabetes. We have over 45 meals that meet the nutrient criteria for diabetic meals.

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Nutritional information and ingredients in our diabetic meals

To better manage diabetes (or reduce the chances of onset), eating healthily and doing moderate exercise is key. At TLC, we prepare diabetic friendly meals with all macro nutritional information published on our website. This better helps you manage your energy, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugar, fibre, sodium and potassium. Understanding this information helps you make better informed choices when ordering our diabetic meals (home delivered).

Ordering diabetic meals via our home delivery services

If you are ready to order our home cooked diabetic meals delivered to your door, simply browse our menu and decide the meals you wish to order. Remember to also view our ‘healthy weight loss meals’ for those wishing to lose weight in as a preventative diabetes measure.

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...I would like to make a comment on how tasty and delicious your meals are. I am not an elderly person nor am I ill, but I work long hours throughout the week and do not have a lot of time to cook. I am a type 2 diabetic, but I would just like to say keep up the good work, as the meals are fantastic...More customer meal reviews

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