Healthy Weight Loss Meals (Delivered To Your Door)

Make the healthier choice; healthy weight loss meals delivered to your door

With over 60 fresh, delicious, healthy weight loss meals to choose from our menu provides you with all the information at your fingertips to help you with healthy weight management.

Gaining weight does not need to be an inevitable part of life or getting older. Making a commitment to maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and TLC Meals is committed to help you start.

What defines a healthy weight and how can healthy weight loss meals assist?

To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, generally it comes down to two factors. Firstly, how much we eat and drink (the energy we consume) and secondly, how active we are in our everyday lives (the energy we expend).

To put it simply:

Eating healthy, portion-controlled meals can reduce the number of calories you consume, in turn reducing your energy intake, which can initiate the start of weight loss. The problem many people face is preparing meals that are nutritionally balanced, portion controlled and healthy.

Engaging in daily moderate exercise can further compound your weight loss, overall health and well-being. Similar to eating healthy, many people struggle to create a regular exercise routine that helps them manage their overall health and weight loss goals.

Small lifestyle changes can have profound impacts on your weight and health

It is our belief that ‘a journey starts with but one step’. For those looking to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or simply start to eat a more nutritionally balanced menu - you could perhaps benefit from home delivered weight loss meals designed by our team of nutritionists to achieve a healthy lifestyle balance.

It is advised that before you embark on any type of weight loss, you speak with your general practitioner to assess your personal nutrition needs.

About TLC’s healthy weight loss meals

TLC meals are portion controlled, nutritious and easily ordered online via our menu. We have a vast selection of meals labelled as ‘Weight Control’ which helps you sort your meals by calories per serving. Many of our home cooked meals have been endorsed by organisation such as Diabetes Australia and the Coeliac Australia.

You can tailor a menu to your individual needs, or speak with us directly to understand how you may want to approach a plan towards eating healthy weight loss meals.

Furthermore, as part of a balanced diet, you may want to consider reducing your salt in-take. Salt (or sodium) is often present in most pre-prepared foods and ingredients. To easily reduce your salt intake, you can further refine our menu and sort by ‘Weight Control’ and ‘Low Salt’ to ensure you are not only reducing your daily calories, but reducing your sodium as well.

View TLC’s healthy weight loss meals on the menu.
View TLC’s healthy weight loss meals that are low in salt on the menu.

Understanding our ingredients and nutritional information

To maximise your weight loss goals, every meal we prepare lists the ingredients we use and the macro nutritional information within the meal. This nutritional information includes energy, protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugar, fibre, sodium and potassium. This can assist with understanding exactly what each home delivered meal contains. View our meal nutrition facts.

Get started with healthy weight loss meals direct to your door

If you are ready to order our home cooked meals delivered to your door, simply browse our menu and start selecting from our delicious meals. Remember, our healthy, home delivered meals can be tailored to your specific weight loss needs, helping to take the guess work out of getting a nutritional and healthy meal delivered to your door.

See what our customers have to say:

...I am more than happy with the nutritious meals I get from Tender Loving Cuisine. Every meal I have had is just what I cook for myself. When you have a steak dinner you get real steak, lovely, same as pork and chicken, you get the real thing, good slices and also Heart Foundation Tick approved...See other customer reviews of our meals

- Mrs Merle Larssen
Maroubra NSW