Home delivered meals and chicken dinners from TLC Meals, lovingly prepared with our team of nutritionists. Our home cooked meals and poultry meals offer you variety and flavour that is second to none. For over 20 years, Tender Loving Cuisine have developed healthy meals for home delivery. Experience our poultry (chicken) ready made meals today.

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Economy - Turkey Provencale

Diced turkey cooked in a mild tomato based sauce, served with herbed flavoured rice and sweet tender green peas.

Moroccan Chicken

Subtle Moroccan spices flavour tender chicken pieces. Complemented by lentil and onion rice, sweet potatoes and beans.

Pineapple Chicken

Succulent chicken sauteed with pineapple pieces served with special rice, broccoli and carrots.

Roast Chicken with Gravy

Juicy, boneless chicken thigh fillet (skinless) with roast potatoes, roast sweet potatoes, peas and gravy

Roast Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

Tender sliced turkey, brown gravy, cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, peas, broccoli and beans.

Turkey Rissoles

Flavoursome and moist turkey rissoles are served with a delicious mix of baked vegetables and gravy.