The NDIS: Helping Disabled Australians Improve Their Lives

Monday, 21 September 2020

It's Tender Loving Cuisine's mission to provide nutritious, delicious and convenient meals to those who need a helping hand. We operate with passion and integrity and create meals that are of the highest quality. That's why were proud to be a registered provider for The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), who share the same ideals and high standards that we value in our business.
However, you may be unfamiliar with the great work that the NDIS do for our communities, so we wanted to share their story with you.
The NDIS aims to provide Australians with disabilities the support and guidance they need to prosper within their community. They take a lifetime approach, investing early in the lives of those with disabilities to improve their outcomes later in life.
It's about giving all Australians control over how they live their lives.
Through their individualised support, the NDIS can help each participant achieve their unique goals in living and maintaining an ordinary life. They support people with the skills and resources they need for independence, to gain employment, have a greater involvement in their community and improved well-being.
The NDIS' services are for Australian citizens, or those that hold a permanent visa or a special protected category visa, aged under 65, who have a permanent disability that significantly impacts the quality of their everyday lives.
You can find out more about the assistance you can receive here. Those who don't meet the criteria can still benefit from the resources and connections of the NDIS, so they can begin to improve their future. By 2019, the NDIS will be providing support to around 460,000 people.
But their work doesn?t stop there. The NDIS also aim to support the families and carers of people with disabilities by connecting them with existing services within their community. Ultimately, the NDIS deliver peace of mind and ensure that families know their loved ones will be cared for and given an equal chance at a good quality of life.
The NDIS began rolling out across Australia in July 2016 and continues to grow sustainably throughout the country with a focus on ensuring that their work can truly benefit those who need their help. TLC has been at the forefront of the changes, ensuring that our services align with the policies and procedures of the scheme.
As an insurance scheme, the NDIS invests in people, working with them to build a better life and improve the outcomes of their future. It's more than a handout. The scheme replaces an outdated and unfair system that enhances the effectiveness and sustainability of the support given to our national disabled community. It ensures a level of certainty and consistency for those living with disabilities as well as for their families and carers.
So how does TLC work with the NDIS? The NDIS pays for supports that are reasonable and necessary and delivered meals are covered under Core Supports - Assistance with Daily Activities.
If delivered meals are considered reasonable and necessary in your plan, the NDIS will cover the cost of the meal preparation and delivery. The ingredient costs are the participant's responsibility to pay.
Contact TLC on 1800 801 200 if you'd like more information about delivered meals and how the NDIS can work for you.

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