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TLC's Healthy Delivered Meals

Eat well and live longer

By Caroline Botting

Malnutrition among the elderly has emerged as a major risk factor to life expectancy for Australia's ageing population.

A number of studies have shown a surprisingly high rate of malnutrition within Australia's elderly was leading to increased mortality rates.

But the statistics no longer surprise Marrickville's Tender Loving Cuisine (TLC) chief executive officer Jack Barker. "Often the elderly don't have the time or the energy to go out and buy, and then prepare, fresh vegetables for their meals," he said.

TLC delivers nutritious meals, which are low in fat, salt and sodium, to the elderly and disabled throughout Sydney.

Mr Barker said the importance of eating well was critical to the elderly who wished to remain in their own home. "It's our aim to help them live in their own homes rather than be forced into a nursing home situation," he said.

Balmain's Alan Place, 70, has been suffering glaucoma for 20 years. Now, with only a small amount of sight remaining, he can no longer cook for himself.

"With some of the home delivered meals I used to get, it looked like the cook had lost his can opener," he said. "I couldn't prepare meals and got the gas cut off. I don?t want to burn the place down." Also suffering from an iron deficiency, he can choose TLC meals which are tailored to helping his dietary needs.

TLC clients can choose from small (340 grams) or large (400 grams) dinners and the minimum order is seven dinners.

Details: 1800 801 200.


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