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Meal delivery services within HCP and NDIS

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Meal delivery services within HCP and NDIS

We are seeing an increased number of HCP and NDIS package recipients requesting their Care Providers to organise health accredited, delivered meals as part of their package.

HCP clients with a level 1, 2, 3 or 4 Home Care Package (who meet the eligibility criteria in regard to assistance with nutrition, hydration, meal preparation and diet, assistance with preparing meals, including special diets for health, religious, cultural or other reasons; assistance with using eating utensils and assistance with feeding), can discuss their delivered meal needs with their Service Provider.

There is sometimes confusion regarding delivered meals being available within a Package as 'food' is not covered. To clarify this, food purchased as part of normal grocery shopping cannot be claimed under the Package. Regarding delivered meals, the portion that can be claimed is the preparation and delivery cost.

The ingredients (food) used to prepare the delivered meal is still the responsibility of the consumer to pay for, or to make a contribution toward the cost of those ingredients.

When we receive a service request for delivered meals via a Care Organisation (on behalf of their client), the invoice that is sent to the Care Organisation shows a 'split' payment.

The Care Organisation is invoiced for preparation and delivery and the invoice also shows the amount paid by the client for the ingredient cost. In some cases, the Care Organisation may choose to be invoiced for 100% of the cost or alternately, determine the client contribution depending on individual circumstances.

The NDIS support item regarding meals is "assistance with the cost of preparation and delivery of meals". The NDIS line item is 01_022_0120_1_1 and comes under Core Supports, assistance with daily life - daily activities. Ingredient costs are the responsibility of the participant (as per the NDIS) and we collect that part of the payment from the participant. Clients can pay their co-payment by debit or credit card, cheque or we can set up a Direct Debit to their bank account. Please feel free to contact us to discuss a quote.

Being informed regarding the availability of delivered meals within HCP or NDIS packages expands the services that can be provided to eligible clients by the Care Organisation.

Care Providers are able to further support clients to maintain their independent lifestyle by co-ordinating the home delivery of a fully prepared, health accredited meal.

Tender Loving Cuisine meals are ideal for clients who require nutritious and home style cooked meals.

For further information please call our customer service team on 1800 801 200

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