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TLC's Healthy Delivered Meals

TLC ? it's all in the name.

Names are of tremendous significance in today's fast-paced business world. It defines the organisation and in some cases describes the aim and goals of the team.

In the case of Tender Loving Cuisine, the name says it all. There's a tenderness amongst the delivery drivers and a love that goes into the preparation of each meal which sets them apart from other food delivery services. TLC staff care not just that the food arrives but about the people to whom they deliver.

Take, for instance, Tender Loving Cuisine's Liverpool delivery driver Greg Simpson. He has such a rapport with his clients that he will call to see how they are going if they are feeling sick.

Other couriers like Paul Segur, of Newcastle, change light globes and mend doors while his wife Carol often mops the floors of elderly clients.

Long time TLC delivery driver Kathleen Kinchington claims she has delivered "a million letters" during almost nine years of service to the northern districts of Sydney. She describes her clients as friends.

TLC chief executive Jack Barker originally chose Homestyle Cuisine as the name for his fast-growing organisation. "But one of the professors at Royal North Shore Hospital had a brother who was a CEO of a large advertising company," said Barker. "He arranged for an appointment to seek assistance with the project. They recommended that the name be changed to TLC as everyone coming out of hospital needed some TLC. On that theme they suggested Tender Loving Cuisine and so the name was born."

Barker's team has a mission statement to match. "Our team mission is to provide a tasty, and healthy, meals-on-wheels alternative to the aged and disabled in the community. We aim to assist those wanting to remain at home longer, where they are content, and to be able to do so with nutritious dinners, rather than the alternative which is to see them go into a nursing home."

Barker is determined to improve the TLC service to the community. "We now have an online ordering system which is providing immediate access for families and carers and that can access the rapidly expanding internet marketplace," he said. "This is running in tandem with our traditional telephone answering service which is so essential for seniors. The online service enables siblings to better and more easily care for their family by using this technology to place orders on their behalf," he added.

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