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TLC's Healthy Delivered Meals

TLC is vital aid to community

Tender Loving Cuisine is providing a crucial service for the elderly of our community.

So says former Ansett marketing and human resources executive Helen Young.

Mrs. Young, who now works in client services for Sydney's fast-growing home delivery meals service, believes Tender Loving Cuisine (TLC) fulfils many needs for our aged.

"TLC operators and delivery drivers are often the only contact the elderly have with the outside world through the week. These people look forward to the meals arriving and the chats on the phone," Mrs. Young said.

"It's hard for old people in Sydney. For many their families are grown up and too busy to be involved in regular care. A once-a-week visit is, in most cases, the very best they can expect.

"I speak with a lot of elderly people each week and loneliness is a big issue with them. That?s why TLC is such a vital service. We provide a link with the outside world."

"One of the neat little things we are doing at the moment is the recognition of their birthday with a birthday card. We keep tabs on the birthdays of our clients and when the day arrives we send them a card. The card is signed by all the staff in the office.

"When the client places their next order they get a free birthday meal. We make sure it's three course as well!

"You'd be surprised how many of these elderly folk miss out on getting a single birthday card. When they receive one from us they are really touched. And then when they get the three course meal, well, you can imagine the excited reaction."

It's this type of personal service that really sets Tender Loving Cuisine apart from other meal delivery organisations.

TLC delivery drivers have already gained a reputation for "going the extra mile" to help elderly clients.

Several of them post letters, while others have changed light bulbs, hung doors, swept floors and even paid bills for their clients.

"People never forget that type of service," said Mrs. Young.

If you would like further information, a brochure and menu or to order TLC meals, just phone Freecall 1800 801200 or order online.

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