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TLC's Healthy Delivered Meals

Time is right for an Organic meal

It was the crowd surrounding a stand at this year?s Darling Harbour Food Expo which first attracted the Tender Loving Cuisine Food Services team.

"We were amazed that so many excited people were gathered around this one stand," Tender Loving Cuisine's Maria Natoli said this week.

"It turned out to be the tasting of Organic Meals and Soups presented by Fit Kitchen."

The huge public interest in the organic products convinced Maria and co-worker Helen Young to recommend them to Tender Loving Cuisine (TLC) Chief Executive Jack Barker.

"Maria and Helen thought they would be ideal to accompany our existing range of traditional home delivered meals," Mr. Barker said.

Management wasted no time approving the idea and TLC is now able to offer clients and people with busy lifestyles their unique home delivery service for both the traditional dinner range as well as for the new organic meal and soup range.

"This is an exciting step for us," Mr. Barker said. "There has been a dramatic increase in the demand for organic food in the past few years, particularly in Europe."

"Food safety scares, increasing health awareness and greater information have all combined to raise the level of interest in organic foods."

"With so much talk about healthy diets here in Australia what was once regarded a cottage industry is fast becoming mainstream.

"Growth in organic foods in Australia is running at around 30 percent compared to just two percent for normal food products. That's phenomenal!

"Organic farmers don't use chemicals; they harness the natural ingredients in the soil, resulting in more nutritious and tasty produce.

"Certified organic meals and soups are made using wholesome and fresh ingredients and are prepared and cooked using traditional methods.

"There are no preservatives, colouring or flavouring, nothing artificial at all," he added.

Mr Barker said the new range of meals included meat or chicken dishes, pasta, risotto and soups including vegetarian and vegan choices. "The new organic range is suitable for everyone in the community," he added.

So, if you have a busy lifestyle or just want a break from cooking every night, you can enjoy a mouth-watering meal that not only tastes good but is good for you.

To order phone Freecall 1800 801 200 and visit our website at www.tlc.org.au for more information.

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