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Tender Loving Cuisine - A Success Story

Small, proud and successful businesses are the back bone of our rich economy. These businesses are usually started with the passion of one person, to provide a service that is as unique as it is a necessity. Elements for success include the vision to create a product that is needed in the community along with high standards of customer service and high levels of communication between departments and the many people required to manage them.

One such outstanding small company is Tender Loving Cuisine, an award winning service that provides healthy meals for people who are elderly, disabled or food intolerant. In a business world where keeping the production and distribution of food is becoming more and more a challenge, Tender Loving Cuisine has excelled and succeeded as one of the most popular and respected food delivery services along the East coast of Australia.

Beginning with a devoted group of office staff to the home made food production in its impeccable kitchen onto the friendly and professional delivery services by Managers in Sydney, the North and South Coasts of NSW and throughout Victoria; Tender Loving Cuisine has earned the respect of government departments and community organisations alike.

Founded by CEO Jack Barker almost 17 years ago, his vision was to offer a food product of the highest quality that is most affordable to people from all areas of our diverse community. When asked what he?s most proud of with TLC he replies ? I wanted to create an organisation that was always customer focussed and I?m satisfied that our customers are getting a nutritious and delicious meal no matter what they choose from the menu, for me it?s all about community health and wellbeing...? Many dieticians and health professionals are confidently recommending Tender Loving Cuisine as a healthy option. To see whether TLC is available in your area please go to www.tlc.org.au or call 1800 801 200.

Maria Mitzikis

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